Procedures at the City Hall 市役所での手続き


City Hall/District Branch Locations 市役所・支所の位置

The City Hall and it's 8 Branch Offices are your one-stop-shop for all municipal enquiries and procedures. You will be required to visit one of these offices upon moving in or out of the city, when registering a birth, death or marriage, or when applying for a Certificate of Residency, etc.

The City Hall main branch also offers an English and Chinese interpreting service to assist you when making municipal enquiries (by phone or in person). Visit the Language Support Services page for information about availability and to make a booking.

Operating days & hours for both main and branch offices are below.

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30~17:00
  • Holidays: Sat, Sun, National Holidays and the New Year period
  • Matsudo City Hall
    Address: Nemoto 387-5
    Access: 10 min walk from the east exit of Matsudo Sta.
    TEL: 047-366-1111 (switchboard) Enquiries in English/Chinese: 047-710-2725
  • Tokiwadaira Branch
    Address: Tokiwadaira 3-30
    Access: 7 min walk from the south exit of Tokiwadaira Sta.
    TEL: 047-387-2131
  • Kogane Branch
    Address: Kogane 2 (Picotee West Bld. 3F)
    Access: 2 min walk from the south exit of JR Kitakogane Sta.
    TEL: 047-341-5101
  • Koganehara Branch
    Address: Koganehara 6-6-2
    1) Shin Keisei Bus 'Kogane 4'(小金4)from Kitakogane Sta. (bus stop 3).
    Get off at 'gyousei-sentaa' 「行政センター」
    2) Shin Keisei Bus 'Yahashira 9'(八柱9)from Yahashira/Shin-Yabashira Sta. (bus stop 3).
    Get off at 'bus annai-jyo' 「バス案内所」
    TEL: 047-344-3151
  • Mutsumi Branch
    Address: Rokkodai 3-71
    Access: 15 min walk from Mutsumi Sta. (Tobu Line)
    TEL: 047-385-0113
  • Mabashi Branch
    Address: Mabashi 179-1 (Mabashi Station Mall 4F)
    Access: 2 min walk from the west exit of JR Mabashi Sta, and from Ryutestu Mabashi Sta.
    TEL: 047-345-2131
  • Shinmatsudo Branch
    Address: Shinmatsudo 3-27
    Access: 10 min walk from Shin Matsudo Sta.
    TEL: 047-343-5111
  • Yakiri Branch
    Address: Miyakodai 3-10-5
    Access: Keisei Bus to 'Ichikawa Sta'(市川駅行き) from the west exit of Matsudo Sta. Get off at Kamiyakiri(上矢切) and walk 1 min.
    TEL: 047-362-3181

Higashi Matsudo Branch

Address: Higashi Matsudo 2-14-1

 (Within the new composite municipal services center, "Higa Matsu Terrace" 2nd floor)

Access: 4 min walk from JR Higashimatsudo Sta.

TEL:047-703-0610 FAX:047-703-0612

*“Higashi Matsudo branch” starts its operations from Dec. 20th of 2021 in replacement of closed Tobu branch.


東松戸支所 住所:松戸市東松戸2丁目14-1



The 'My Number' social security system 「マイナンバー」制度について

The Japanese government has adopted a new social security and tax number system, 'My Number Card (Individual Number Card)' in order to (1) enhance the social security to people who truly need it, (2) enhance public convenience and (3) develop the efficiency in administration.

Visit the following website for more information -

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。'My Number Card' information

↑See here for the details of the System, how to get your own My Number Card, and how to use it.


外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。マイナンバーカードの詳しい情報へ


My Number Card application methods マイナンバーカードの申請方法

To obtain a My Number Card, you can choose from a variety of application methods for your convenience. Please prepare your ID and the application form with QR code that you received in the mail (if you have one) to complete the process.

1) Via online (Japanese site)
You can apply from home quickly, if you have a proper self-portrait photo on your device.
2) Via a photobooth installed by various manufactures
You can take a proper photo of you and apply at the same time.
(List of manufactures' website is shown in the middle of this page)
3) By mail with a written application form
By using the partially-filledout application form, you can follow English-translated guide, and send in the documents in a pre-enclosed return envelope. It might be the easiest way for those who don't have enough confidence in Japanese ability.
4) By visiting Matsudo My Number Card Center (Japanese site)
Matsudo Dai-ichi Seimei Bldg. 2F, 14-2 Honcho, Matsudo City
Open: 9AM - 7PM Weekdays, 9AM-5PM 1st & 3rd Sat., 2nd & 4th Sun.
(Excl. National Holidays, Year-end & New Year Holidays)
5) By visiting temporary My Number Card application support centers (Japanese site) and mobile phone stores
Matsudo city is offering My Number Card application support at various commercial facilities across the city for a limited time. Please see this website (Japanese) for the list of facilities and when they are holding the on-site application support.
There are many mobile phone stores in the city that also support My Number Card Application for free.


1) スマートフォンや、PCを使って ネット から申請
2) 様々な会社が設置している、証明写真のブースから申請
3) 受け取った通知を利用して、郵送 で申請
4) Matsudo My Numberマイナンバーカード交付センター にて申請
松戸市本町14-2 松戸第一生命ビル 2階
Open: 平日9AM - 7PM, 第1&第3土曜日 および 第2&第4日曜日 9AM-5PM
5) マイナンバーカード出張申請サポートセンター 市内の携帯ショップ にて申請
松戸市では、市内の商業施設に期間限定のマイナンバー出張申請サポートセンターを設置しています。開催時期や開催場所のリストは、こちら をご覧ください。

Registrations and Procedures for Moving 各種届出・引っ越し

"Matsudo City Online Application System" allows administrative procedures online 「松戸市オンライン申請システム」のサービスがスタート

From October 24, 2022, "Matsudo City Online Application System" started its operation to enable easier and more convenient way to take administrative procedures.

The system is easy for users to understand, with procedures available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a My Page function that allows users to check their progress and history, greatly improving convenience.
(The start date and availability differ depending on the procedure. Please check the latest list in the "Matsudo City Online Application System". We will add new procedures as they become available.)
Please contact the Information Policy Div., Digital Strategy Office (047-710-8810) if you have any inquiries about the procedures.


なお、各手続きに関するお問い合わせは担当課までお願いします。情報政策課 デジタル戦略担当室 (047-710-8810)

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Matsudo City Online Application System / 松戸オンライン申請システム

City taxes and insurance premiums can be paid by credit card! 市税や保険料がクレジットカードで支払い可能になりました

With an internet connection, you can use your credit card to pay your municipal taxes and insurance premiums.


Thursday October 1st, 2020


  1. Municipal/Prefectural Resident Tax (normal collection), Fixed Asset Tax・City Planning Tax, Fixed Asset Tax (depreciable asset tax), Light Vehicle Tax (category-based)
  2. National Health Insurance

※System usage fees apply separately


Visit the Matsudo City Official Website, go to the page titled “Pay Matsudo Municipal Tax / National Health Insurance premiums”, and fill out the form with all the information required to pay. Please refer to the City’s homepage for more details.


  • Payment slips that are mailed along with the tax/insurance notification letter from the City Hall are needed to pay online.
  • You may not pay online for a payment that has passed its due date.
  • Payment receipts are not issued. Please pay at City Hall & branch offices, financial institutions, or convenience stores if you need a receipt.


  1. Tax Collection Div. 047-366-7325
  2. National Health Insurance and Pension Div. Insurance Fee Collection Office 047-712-0141

Starting Thursday, October 1 2020, Bank transfer services for municipal taxes and insurance premiums are now more convenient 令和2年10月1日(木曜)から各市税・保険料の口座振替サービスがさらに便利になりました

In addition to National Health Insurance premiums and nursing care insurance premiums, you can now register to pay your municipal/prefectural resident tax (normal collection), fixed asset tax・city planning tax, fixed asset tax (depreciable asset tax), light vehicle tax, and latter-stage elderly health care premiums through the Pay-easy bank transfer service (you can apply for direct deposit with your cash card).

Furthermore, two more financial institutions now support this service. The application procedure is simple ― no personal seal needed. Why don’t you give this service a try?


Chiba Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Keiyo Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, MUFJ Bank, Chiba Kogyo Bank, Resona Bank, JP Bank, JA Toukatsu Chuou, Tokyo Bay Shinkin


After October 1st, 2020, bring your cash card of one of the applicable financial institutions above to each division in charge of your payments


  • National Health Insurance ⇒ National Health Insurance and Pension Div.
  • Long-term Care Insurance ⇒ Long-term Care Insurance Div.
  • Municipal/Prefectural Resident Tax (normal collection), Fixed Asset Tax・City Planning Tax, Fixed Asset Tax (depreciable asset tax), Light Vehicle Tax ⇒ Tax Collection Div.
  • Latter-stage Elderly Health Care ⇒ National Health Insurance and Pension Div, Latter-stage Elderly Health Care Unit

※The applicant must be the person whose name is on the said cash card.

※This procedure is not provided at the Municipal Services Center at Matsudo Station.


National Health Insurance and Pension Div. Insurance Fee Collection Office

Sewage fees can now be paid via convenience stores, etc. 下水道事業受益者負担金がコンビニ等でお支払い可能となります

Starting October 1st, 2020, sewage usage fees can be paid via convenience stores, LINE Pay and PayPay.


  • Payment slips you might currently have on hand cannot be paid at convenience stores, etc. Please contact us if you would like to request a replacement.
  • There is a limit to the amount that can be paid using each service. Convenience stores: 300,000 yen max, LINE Pay and PayPay: 49,999 yen max.
  • Receipts cannot be issued for payments made via Line Pay or PayPay.
  • For more information about payments via Line Pay and PayPay, please visit their websites.

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。LINE Pay

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。PayPay


Sewage Fee Management Div. 047-366-7394

Emergency Assistance Benefits for Price Increases 2022 / 令和4年 電力・ガス・食料品等価格高騰緊急支援給付金

The following households, whose household finances are severely affected by the sharply rising cost essential for daily life (i.e. electricity, gas, and food, etc.), will receive a benefit of 50,000 yen per household.

【Application Deadline : Tuesday, January 31, 2023】

(1) Households exempt from resident tax → Reply required

Eligibility: Households that are residents of Matsudo City as of September 30, 2022, all of whom are exempt from resident tax for the fiscal year and who are not dependent on a taxpayer.

A confirmation letter is sent to all applicable households. To apply for the benefit, please send the confirmation letter and the required documents in the enclosed return envelope or submit them directly to the counter.

(2) Households with a sudden change in household income → Application required

Eligibility: Households that are residents of Matsudo City at the time of application and do not fall under 1) above, but had an unexpected decrease in income between January and December 2022, and the estimated annual income of all household members became the same level as that of households exempt from resident tax.

※ There are other requirements for receiving the benefits, so please refer to the designated website (Japanese) or contact the Matsudo City - Temporary Special Benefit Office for more details.

<Inquiries> Available on weekdays excl. Year-end/New Year holidays.
[For application procedures] Temporary Special Benefit Office 0120-970-735 (8:30am-5pm)
[Details for the System] Cabinet Office 0120-526-145
[Consultation center] Matsudo City Hall, 2F Main Bldg. Large Conference Rm. (8:30am-5pm)

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松戸市経済振興部 国際推進課

千葉県松戸市小根本7番地の8 京葉ガスF松戸第2ビル5階
Tel: 047-710-2725 FAX:047-711-6387

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