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Farming Experience in Matsudo!

In April, I was able to take part in a farming experience in Kamiyakiri, Matsudo City!

I made a visit to an area in Matsudo City with cultivated land where people are growing crops, and despite being a beginner, in just the first day I was able to learn so much about agriculture.

The hardest work was definitely using a machine called a “tiller,” but I found that taking in the sun while working up a sweat has a very positive effect on the mind and body, and seeing the tilled soil ready for growing crops as a result of my work is actually something that gave me a lot of confidence.

After tilling the soil, it became time to plant the edamame (green soybean) seeds. We made holes in the ground that were about 2 centimeters deep, and in each hole we put in two seeds which were spread about 5 centimeters apart from each other, before filling the holes back up with soil so that the seeds were covered. Since seeds such as edamame have the tendency to be eaten by birds, we laid a net over the area where the seeds were planted. This day was quite busy with making sure the cultivation fields were in proper condition for growing crops in the future, but I was also able to harvest some of the onions that were being grown by a friend of mine, and I later ate some with a salad and was surprised by the sweetness of the onion. I usually would not think to put onion in salad as they usually have more of an astringent flavor, but my friend is quite particular about the sweetness of his onions and purposely grew them so they could be enjoyed raw. I came to realize that there is a lot of freedom in agriculture because one type of crop has so many varieties, and there are countless types of seeds to choose from as well, so it is perfectly fine to be particular about the taste and appearance of your crops.

The next weekend I had another chance to go to the fields, and similar to the first time it was a long day of work and I was able to learn even more farming tips. On this day, I learned that by creating “ridges” in the fields, it creates an environment that is much better for growing crops, and its especially necessary for crops like eggplant which have roots that grow deeply into the ground. To make the ridges, we needed to dig a trench around the field with a shovel and move the dirt to the part of the field that we are going to use to grow crops, raising the surface of the field by a notch higher. It definitely seems like that this kind of work will be very tough in the middle of the summer, but because I also find it fun I plan on continuing to help out in the fields as a newfound hobby.

By the way, as part of the partnership agreement that Matsudo City has signed with Constanza, Dominican Republic, agriculture is one of the areas where exchange is being made, and with the program related to nashi (Japanese pears) that is ongoing, Matsudo City is engaging with agricultural pursuits overseas as well. Thanks to programs like that, experts are able to spread their knowledge around the world, which allows for the evolution of agriculture to continue. And almost like a microcosm of that, I think that the community I was able to participate with in the cultivation fields demonstrates the importance of exchange in agriculture, as through their cooperation with each other it allows for knowledge and techniques related to agriculture to be spread and passed down to the next generation.

For anyone who is interested in Matsudo City’s agricultural produce, by all means please give famous products like the “Matsudo Pear” and “Yakiri Leek” a shot!








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「レッツゴー キャム!」Cam, Ikuzo! Come follow Camden’s journey!







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