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Night landscape of Bucharest
Night landscape of Bucharest ブカレストの夜景

Romania, which means "land of the Romans", is said to have originated in the early 2nd century under the rule of the Roman Emperor Trajan.

In 1921, Japan established its diplomatic ties with Romania. Currently, more than 100 IOT and automobile-related Japanese companies have expanded their operations to Romania.

The Retezat mountainain レテザトゥ山脈

Romania is well-known for Bran Castle, the canonical home of the legendary vampire Count Dracula, and as the home of Nadia Elena Comaneci, the first female gymnast to ever obtain a perfect score of 10 at the Olympics. Romania is also a great place to enjoy both scenic Central European townscapes and rich nature.

Key Data of Romania ルーマニアの基本データ


Location: Europe; neighbored by Ukraine (north), Bulgaria (south), Hungary (north-west), Serbia (south-west), Moldova (north-east), and the Black Sea (south-east)
Area: 238,391 square kilometers (about as big as Honshu and Shikoku, combined)
Capital: Bucharest
Population: 19,371,648(the World Bank data in 2019)
Official language: Romanian
Time zone: Eastern European Standard Time (7 hours behind Japan) **in the summer time, 6 hours
Climate: Continental climate, all four seasons present

位置: ヨーロッパにあり、隣の国はウクライナ(北)、ブルガリア(南)、ハンガリー(北西)、セルビア(南西)、モルドバ共和国(北東)で、黒海に面している
面積: 238,391平方キロメートル(ほぼ本州と四国を合わせた大きさ)
首都: ブカレスト
人口: 19,371,648人(2019年 世界銀行発表データ)
標語: ルーマニア語
時間帯: 日本とルーマニアの時差は、-7時間(サマータイム実施時は-6時間)
気候: 大陸性気候、四季がある

Landscape of the Romanian capital city Bucharest  首都ブカレストの街並み

Other tourist spots その他観光名所

Photos courtesy of the EMBASSY OF ROMANIA to Japan 画像提供:在日ルーマニア大使館

The relationship between Matsudo City and Romania 松戸市とルーマニアの交流について

Nanakusa Marathon 七草マラソン大会

Years ago, Matsudo invited a Romanian marathon runner and race-walking athlete to the city’s 60th Annual Nanakusa Marathon in 2015, and ever since then, every year both Matsudo and Romania have taken the opportunity to deepen their cross-cultural exchange by inviting Romanian athletes to participate in the city marathon, and by having these athletes meet with schoolchildren of all ages in Matsudo.


2020 Tokyo Olympic Host Town 2020東京オリンピックホストタウン

As a host town for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, Matsudo city welcomed Romanian athlete team for pre-training camps.
松戸市は東京 2020 オリンピック・ホストタウンとして、ルーマニア選手の事前キャンプの受け入れを行いました。

Students in Matsudo city cheered on the Olympians through calligraphy, traditional Japanese drum performances, and other activities while taking preventive measures against the new coronavirus infection.

What is a "Host Town"? ホストタウンとは?

During the calligraphy, students wrote the motto of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics "United by Emotion" on a large piece of paper, which excited the audience.
書道パフォーマンスでは大きな紙に"United by Emotion"(感動で、私たちは一つになる。)と東京2020大会のモットーを記して会場を盛り上げました。

A representative of the Romanian team commented, "Thank you for the great show of hospitality. We are glad to be here in Matsudo.”


Additionally, an online international gathering was held in order to prevent contact with athletes and the spread of Covid-19. During this meeting, they were asked questions about the competition and the educational environment in Romania, deepening the exchange.


Getting to know Romania ルーマニアをもっと知りたい!

Regarding the timeline of exchanges with Romania, please refer to the following page.

International Exchange with Romania ルーマニアとの交流の歩み

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