Matsudo Explorations with CIR Erin, Autumn 2016 Edition



Hello! And welcome to the Autumn 2016 Edition of Matsudo Explorations!

I am an autumn girl by birth. Admittedly my birthday is in April and I am referring to the Australian autumn. But not to worry! I am partial to the season wherever I happen to experience it.

As the days grow shorter it can be tempting to stay indoors. However I encourage you to get out in the fresh air and to make the most of the not-too-hot/not-too-cold autumn temperatures. And as can only be expected from such a lively city, there is much to be seen, eaten and enjoyed in Matsudo!

Keep an eye on this page for reviews and photos of my own autumn adventures in Matsudo, and for inspiration for your next day trip. Conveniently located on Tokyo’s doorstep, Matsudo is the perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

Matsudo awaits YOU!


Erin, Coordinator of International Relations
5th October, 2016

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November, Autumn leaves season

November is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves in Matsudo. I visited Hondo-ji Temple in Kita Kogane to take in the season’s stunning reds, oranges and yellows.

If you don’t have the time or the resources to venture to the tourist ‘hot spots’, don’t stress! There is a bit of everything right here. Let’s stay local and support the Matsudo community.

November 23rd, 9th annual 'Great Agricultural Festival'

I love a good farmer’s market. And I also love Matsudo’s premier park space, the Forest & Park for the 21st Century. Combine the two and I am a happy camper!

During Labour Day I braved the cool conditions and went along to the annual ‘Great Agricultural Festival’ held in the far end of the park. Amongst the agricultural displays, hands-on activities and live entertainment, there was also an abundance of fresh produce and locally grown flowers for sale. The treasure ship pictured below absolutely took the cake however, constructed completely out of Welsh onions and white turnips! Two thumbs up.

October 29th, Matsudo International Cultural Festival

The 21st annual Matsudo International Cultural Festival was held in the Citizen’s Hall at the end of October. The entire hall was abuzz with cultural workshops, cross-cultural booths, food stalls, and live stage performances. It is no surprise that there was a strong Aussie backdrop to the event, in recognition of 45 years of friendship with the City of Whitehorse in Australia.

I spent the day manning the Sister City booth - a colorful display of Whitehorse City imagery and Aussie paraphernalia. This was also a great opportunity to display the sister city anniversary quilt that was gifted to the City of Matsudo from the City of Whitehorse during May’s 45th anniversary tour. Our booth backed on to the Club Australia booth, where they were selling homemade meat pies and Aussie beverages. The aroma had me dreaming of home all day long!

The event was a lovely display of unity in diversity. I was particularly pleased to see a lot of children at the event, enjoying a taste of the growing multiculturalism in Matsudo. A big ‘otsukare-sama!’ to the Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) for their efforts in organizing this annual event, and to all the volunteers who shared a little of their culture on the day.

October 21st, Aussie Wine Seminar

The Aussie-themed events just keep on coming! The Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) hosted an excellent Australian wine seminar at the Matsudo Chamber of Commerce in mid-October.

The evening started with a basic history lesson about wine, and was followed by an overview of the Australian wine industry and an introduction to well-known Australian wine brand 'Yellowtail'. This led into the much anticipated wine tasting (!) and an hour or so of nibbles and mingling. I had a lovely time chatting with other participants about Australia, and trying the local 'drop'. It was informative, informal, and delicious all at once.

MIEA runs many such events. Read more about their intercultural lecture series here, or visit the Upcoming Events page for more information about upcoming activities.

October 15th, MIEA special seminar - "45 years of sister-city friendship"

This year is the 45th anniversary of the Matsudo-Whitehorse sister-city relationship. In celebration of this milestone, the Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) have organised a variety of Aussie-themed events, including a special ‘Sister City Seminar’ on the 15th of October. It was my pleasure to attend as a guest speaker.

The seminar was held in the amphitheater at the Matsudo Municipal Museum. MIEA President Mr. Makoto Iinuma first introduced the history of the sister-city relationship, and then I touched on how the relationship could be expanded into the future. This was followed by two introductory videos regarding indigenous culture. I may be a tad biased, but it was an enthralling seminar if I do say so myself!

The museum staff was kind enough to let us all into the museum’s displays afterwards. To everyone’s delight, this included a special guided tour of their new ‘Mankind and the stone axe’ exhibit. Winning!

To anyone who is yet to make it to Matsudo Museum, don’t go missing out. It’s on the edge of the Forest & Park for the 21st Century and makes for a fun day out in Matsudo.

October 7th, PARADISE AIR Long Stay Program, ‘Oh! Pudding’ (aka ‘Opening’) party

In the evening of Friday the 7th of October I headed to the studios of artist in residency program PARADISE AIR for the ‘Oh! Pudding’ (aka ‘Opening’) party. The party was in honour of recently arrived 2016 Long Stay Program artist Mr. Purin Phanichpant. In Japanese the word ‘purin’ means pudding(!), hence the pudding theme.

As with all PARADISE AIR events, the crowd was a mix of local and visiting artists and relaxed Matsudo locals. Purin introduced himself and his art, before mingling with the crowd. I chatted, wined, and snacked on pudding - a good night in my book!

For more information about PARADISE AIR, visit the Global Encounters page. For more information about Purin and the Long Stay Program, click here.

(Photo credits to Hajime Kato)

October 1st & 2nd, Matsudo Festival

Matsudo Festival has come and gone. And what a big weekend it was! Saturday’s weather was overcast and a little rainy, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of the elementary school students’ music parade. Fortunately the sun shone brightly on Sunday, attracting a large crowd of festival goers.

I attended both days and was endlessly entertained by the many dance performances, sports demonstrations, processions, and booths. It was a pleasure to watch Matsudo City residents both young and old proudly show off their hobbies. I also bumped into just about every local I know - the rest of Matsudo must have been a ghost town!

There is no doubt that Matsudo City boasts a strong sense of community. Hats off to everyone involved for yet another cracking local event.

Festival booths

Local children reenacting battle scenes (adorable!)

Speed skating demos

Making the most of the classic car display!

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私は秋生まれです。実は誕生日は4月なので、「オーストラリアの秋生まれ」ということですが、そこは気にしないで! どこの秋でも好きです。











私はファーマーズマーケットの大ファンです。松戸の一番大きな公園 21世紀の森と広場もすごく気に入っていますので、今回両方を一緒に楽しめてとってもハッピーです!





国際文化祭は異文化交流の素敵な例でした。特に嬉しく感じたのは、松戸市が力を注いでいる多文化主義を体感しに参加してくれた、たくさんの子供達がいたことでした。毎年大変な準備をして国際文化祭を開催する公益財団法人 松戸国際交流協会(MIEA)の皆様、また当日に各々の文化をシェアしてくださった各国ボランティアの皆様、素晴らしいイベントお疲れ様でした!

10月21日、オーストラリアのワイン産業を学ぶ ~ オージーワインセミナー~


ワインに関する背景情報から始まり、オーストラリアのワイン産業の概要とよく知られているワイン・ブランド Yellowtailの紹介もありました。そして待ちに待った試飲タイム(!)、 ワインとスナックを楽しんだり、他の出席者と交流したりする時間に入りました。たくさんの人と気軽に会話し、久しぶりに自国のワインを飲むこともでき、大満足しました。 落ち着いた雰囲気の中、勉強にもなったうえ、とっても美味しかったです!




特別セミナーは松戸市立博物館の講堂で開かれました。MIEAの理事長 飯沼誠氏がホワイトホース市との姉妹都市関係の歴史を最初に紹介し、その後私がホワイトホース市との関係をこれから拡大できる可能性について少し発表しました。そして、アボリジニ文化の紹介ビデオを2つ視聴しました。偏りのある意見かもしれませんが、個人的には大変面白いセミナーだったと思います!



10月7日、 PARADISE AIR ロングステイ・プログラム2016、「オープディングパーティー」

10月7日金曜日の夜、アーティスト・イン・レジデンス・プログラムPARADISE AIRのスタジオに向かい、「Oh!プディング(オープニング)パーティー」に出席しました。今年度のロングステイ・プログラムで招へいされたアーティスト プリン・パニチュパンさんの歓迎会で、“プリン”という名前にちなみ、デザートの「プリン」(プディング)のテーマで開かれました。

PARADISE AIRのイベントはいつもそうですが、出席者が地域のアーティストと訪問アーティスト、そして一般市民も含めて、のんびりした集まりでした。プリンさんは自己紹介をして自分のアートも少し説明してから、皆と交流しました。私もたくさんしゃべったりワインを飲んだり、プリンも食べたりして、大満足でした。

PARADISE AIRについて詳しくは、「国際窓口」のページをご覧ください。プリンさんとロングステイ・プログラムについて詳しくは、ロングステイ・プログラム










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