PARADISE AIR Long Stay Program パラダイス・エアのロングステイ・プログラム



What is the PARADISE AIR (PAIR) 'Long Stay Program'?

The PAIR Long Stay Program takes place once a year when one or two foreign artists are selected to spend three fully-funded months in Matsudo to complete an artistic project of their own design. In return they are asked to interact with the local community, hold open studios, and give public interviews at the conclusion of the program. They are also encouraged to make full use of the residency facilities, and to work together with the PARADISE AIR staff to make their project as far reaching as possible. The ideal Long Stay Program applicant should have a strong desire to communicate with the local community, of which is the basis of the PARADISE AIR Artist in Residence program.

General information about PARADISE AIR and the Long Stay Program can be found on the PAIR website.

Long Stay Program updates



10.26 "90 days in Matsudo", footage from the program

10.18-22 "35°47’5”N 139°53’55”E" - Minwoo Lee

Minwoo Lee's Long Stay Program project culminated in a 5 day exhibition in two locations in downtown Matsudo. Click here for full details.


"While images can freely roam in our thoughts, materials are inevitable for it to be conveyed out of our minds. Known to us as a medium, materials are means to the image. While residing in Matsudo, Minwoo began working on a paradoxical idea: 'moving image that does NOT move.' How can we freely accept the presence of 'NOT' when it presents itself on its own negation? Perhaps the thought of 'images mediated through material' is not a burdening restriction, but rather a conditional foundation for creation. Perhaps then, we can begin to think about the ethic of creation." ─Arata Hasegawa, Guest curator

10.04 "The Rules of Disengagement" - Kristof Trakal

Kristof Trakal's Long Stay Program project culminated in a collaborative 'Live Action Role Play' (LARP) held in downtown Matsudo. Click here for full details.


"His curiosity backed by flexible intelligence is the driving force for his creation. Rather than taking the shortest distance, he instead explores how far he can go, making a detour. His artwork developed through multiple lectures and workshops will come to fruition in a form of 'LARP' (Live Action Role Play).

From Matsudo, he has taken a three-hour journey to a nearby supermarket, visited a small village called Atarashiki-Mura (new village) that was founded by a group led by Mushanokoji Saneatsu almost 100 years ago, and has done research on cosplayers at 'Comiket' (comic market). He gropes to outline 'an alternative way of living' through his activities."

―Arata Hasegawa (Guest Curator)

08.05 Opening Party photos + Open Studio event details

The Opening Party was a great success! See some photos below, and check out CIR Erin's review here.

The next Long Stay event will be the 'PARADISE HOUR' Open Studio. The Open Studio event is a great opportunity to visit the PAIR residence to see how Kristof and Minwoo are progressing. Please feel free to drop by and say hello!

Date: Sunday 3rd of September, 2017
Time: Between 1pm - 7pm
Location: PARADISE AIR (2 minutes walk from Matsudo Station west exit, above Rakuen Pachinko parlour)
Enquiries: Direct to PAIR, 047-364-3382

(Photo: Ayami Kawashima)

Minwoo Lee (centre left) & Kristof Trakal (centre right) (Photo: Ayami Kawashima)

07.21 Resident artist introductions + Opening Party details

PARADISE AIR are pleased to announce that the following two artists have been selected for the Long Stay Program 2017 -

Term of Residence : Tuesday, August 1st 2017 - Wednesday, October 18th 2017

A big congratulations to Kristof and Minwoon! An incredible 614 applications were received from artists in 92 countries and areas, so competition was fierce. During their residency a number of events and activities will be held in Matsudo, so keep an eye on the PARADISE AIR webpage for full details.

Opening Event
PARADISE AIR will hold an opening reception for Kristof and Minwoon on the 5th of August. Both artists will introduce themselves and talk a little about their respective project plans for the residency period. Aftwerwards there will be plenty of time to mingle, so do join us!

Date: Saturday, August 5th, 2017
Time: 3pm - 7pm
Address: 2nd floor, Matsudo Tourism Info. Center, 7-3 Honcho
Admission: Free *cash bar for drinks/foods

2017.02.20 The 2017 LONGSTAY Program Open Call has officially begun!

PARADISE AIR currently seeks individuals/groups who wish to create artistic works while residing at the PARADISE AIR residence in Matsudo City (Chiba Prefecture, Japan), as part of the LONGSTAY Program 2017.

The theme of this year’s program is ‘TOUR’. Please submit a plan that relates directly to Matsudo City’s tangible place in time and space, and that takes advantage of the resources of the local area. There are no limitations placed upon the style or form of artistic output created during the program.

The application deadline is Friday the 31st of March, 2017. Application forms and further information can be found at the Paradise Air website.

2016.12.16-18 December 16th-18th, 'Too Slow To See' - PARADISE AIR Long Stay Program final exhibition and artist talk

Purin's time in Matsudo has ended on a high note, with an excellent final exhibition and artist talk.

Refer here to read a review and to see photos.

2016.12.13 Interview with Purin about the theme of his Long Stay Program project

Watch the following video to hear Purin explain why his Long Stay Program project is designed around the theme of 'global warming'.

2016.11.11 Paradise Air promotional clip, featuring Purin

Check out PARADISE AIR's 2016 Long Stay Program promotional clip. It's short and sweet!

2016.11.05-06 Open Studio Event "PARADISE HOUR"

During their "PARADISE HOUR" Open Studio event, PARADISE AIR welcomed in the general public for a weekend calendar filled with interesting activities. Visitors could take a peek at the residency spaces, sit in on an artist talk, enjoy some live music, have some food and drinks, and even take in a local walking tour. Of course, Long Stay program artist Purin also gave a talk and exhibited the progress of his project. All is well!


2016.10.07 Purin has made it to Matsudo!

A welcome party was held on the 7th of October in honour of new Long Stay Program resident artist Purin Phanichpant. An excited crowd converged on PARADISE AIR’s headquarters to meet Purin and to hear him talk about his experiences and his art. Complete with drinks and delicious food, it was a laid back and informative evening. We are all looking forward to seeing what Purin creates during his three months in Matsudo.

(Photo credits to Hajime Kato)

2016.08.29 The 2016 Long Stay Program presents Purin!

PARADISE AIR, in collaboration with Matsudo City, is proud to announce the selection of American artist and designer Mr. Purin Phanichpant. Purin will be 'in residence' in Matsudo from the 3rd of October until the 28th of December. Keep an eye on the PAIR website for opportunities to meet Purin and experience his artwork.

The theme of the 2016 Long Stay Program Open Call is "START". This is the 4th year of the program and the most popular thus far, with 296 applications received from artists in 66 countries and areas.

Purin's bio -
"Combining his fun-loving Thai roots, an obsession with knobs, buttons, and screens, and his training as an interaction designer, Purin’s works are often playful, interactive, and simple. Purin holds a BFA in Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MFA in Product Design from Stanford University. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, he worked as a principal product designer at IDEO San Francisco and taught design courses at Stanford University and General Assembly."

Visit Purin's profile page on the PARADISE AIR webpage to view his Long Stay Program video letter.

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「ロングステイ」プログラムでは、国際的な活躍を目指すアーティストを国外から招待または公募します。元ラブホテルである建物の防音性などが優れている点等を活用した作品制作を、市民とともにサポートします。滞在アーティストには、 資金を提供します。






10.26 「松戸で過ごした90間」、PRビデオ

10.18-22 「35°47’5”N 139°53’55”E」 ミンウー・リー



イメージは私たちの頭の中で自由に再生できますが、それを誰かに伝えるには、つまり 現実にアウトプットするには、物質が不可欠です。イメージとイメージの定着、残存、伝達とを同時に思考すること。ミンウーは今回、「動かない映像」という一見矛盾したアイデアを携え、 松戸に滞在しています。「しない」という否定的な決断は決して目に見ることができないエネルギーです。しかしそれでもイメージには物質が伴う─それはひとつの「倫理」なのです。 ─ゲストキュレーター 長谷川新

10.04 「遊離のルール」 クリストフ・トラッカー



しなやかな知性に裏打ちされた好奇心がクリストフの原動力です。最短距離ではな く、むしろどれだけ遠回りできるか。いくつかのレクチャーやワークショップを経てつくりだされる彼の作品は、今回「LARP」(ライブアクションロールプレイング)という形式において結実し ます。松戸を拠点に、近所のスーパーまで3時間かけ、「新しき村」という100年前に武者小路実篤たちが設立し今もなお人びとが暮らす小村へ行き、さらには「コミケ」のコスプレイヤーた ちのリサーチを経て、クリストフは「もうひとつの生き方」の輪郭の手触りを、確かめます。 ─ゲストキュレーター 長谷川新

08.05 オープニング・イベントの写真 + オープンスタジオのイベント詳細

次のロングステイ・プログラム 公式イベントは「PARADISE HOUR」 オープンスタジオです。このイベントは、パラダイスエアのスタジオを体験し、クリストフさんとミンウーさんの滞在プロジェクトの進展を自分の目でみる素晴らしい機会となりますので、気軽に足を運んでみてください!
会場:PARADISE AIR(松戸駅西口から徒歩2分、楽園パチンコ店の上)
問い合わせ:PARADISE AIRへ、TEL: 047-364-3382



07.21 LONGSTAY Program 2017 招聘アーティストの紹介 + オープニング・イベントの詳細

PARADISE AIRは、今年度のロングステイ・プログラムでは、招聘アーテイストとして以下の2名に決定しましたことをお知らせいたします。 

今回は昨年の2倍となる世界92カ国・地域から合計614名の応募が集まり、激しい競争を乗り越えたクリストフさんとミンウーさんに心からのお祝いを述べたいと思います。滞在中、トークやイベントなど、さまざまな企画が行われる予定ですので、PARADISE AIRのHPから目を離さないでください!

クリストフさんとミンウーさんの来日にあわせて、PARADISE AIRはどなたでもご参加頂けるオープニングトーク・パーティーを開催します。本イベントは来日後初となるプレゼンテーションの場となります。アーティストからの自己紹介や今後の制作プランのご紹介、懇親会を予定しておりますので、ぜひお気軽にお越し下さい。会場にてお会い出来ますこと心より楽しみに、お待ちしております。
時間:15:00-19:00[15:00-トーク/17:00-懇親会(PARADISE AIRご案内ツアー有)]
料金:入場無料 ※ドリンクやフードは有料

2017.02.20 アーティスト募集中!LONGSTAY Program 2017

本年度のLONGSTAY Program 2017では、日本国外からアーティストを公募します。最終成果物の有形/無形は問いません。公募テーマは「TOUR」とし、松戸の地域資源を活かしながら、時間的にも空間的にもまちの具体的な「場」と関わるプランを提案して下さい。

申込みの締切は2017年3月31日金曜日となります。申込用紙とプログラムに関する詳細は、PARADISE AIRのウェブサイトをご覧ください。

2016.12.16-18 最終展示&トーク 'Too Slow To See'


2016.12.13 プリンとのインタビュー、ロングステイのプロジェクトに関して


2016.11.11 ロングステイ・プログラム2016のプロモーション・クリップ


2016.10.05-06 オープンスタジオ 「PARADISE HOUR」

PARADISE AIRの「PARADISE HOUR」というオープンスタジオ・イベントがあり、スタジオの公開と、一般市民に向けたお楽しみ満載のスタジオ・プログラムが行われました。お客さんはアーティストの部屋を見たり、アーティスト・トークを聞いたり、生音楽とフード・ドリンクの出店を楽しんだり、松戸まちあるきツアーに参加したりすることもできました。もちろん、ロングステイ・プログラムで滞在中のアーティスト、プリンさんによるワークショップもあり、彼の滞在中のプロジェクトの進展が展示されました。全て上手く行っています!


2016.10.07 オープディング(オープニング)パーティー



2016.08.29 ロングステイ・プログラム2016で招聘するアーティストが決定致しました!



楽しいことが大好きなタイ人としてのルーツに、取っ手やボタン、モニター画面への強い興味とインタラクション・デザイナーとして知見が組み合わさり、彼の作品はいつもシンプルながら遊び心にあふれ、沢山の人を巻き込みます。カーネギーメロン大学卒、スタンフォード大学プロダクトデザイン修士課程修了。アーティストとしての活動をはじめる以前はIDEOサンフランシスコにて主任プロダクトデザイナー、スタンフォード大学およびプログラマを育てる教育スタートアップGeneral Assemblyにてデザインコースの講師を勤めていました。


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