Matsudo Explorations with CIR Erin, Autumn 2017 Edition



Hello! And welcome to the Autumn 2017 edition of Matsudo Explorations.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was putting my long sleeves, cardigans and blankets into storage. Yet here I am, all set to bring them out again; this year is just flying by! And while I do love the long summer days, autumn is just so comfortable (not to mention delicious!).

But before I head off on a tangent about chestnuts, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, allow me to remind you of this season’s local calendar. It is filled with fun opportunities to meet your Matsudo neighbours and to soak up some autumn sunshine. Check it out below -

I will, of course, be blogging about my own autumn discoveries right here. Follow and like the International Portal Facebook page for all the updates.


Erin, Coordinator of International Relations
6th October, 2017

11.05 Mori Hiro Festa @ Forest & Park for the 21st Century

The Mori Hiro Festa took place over the 3-day weekend in early November. My fellow CIR Ha and I had long had plans to enjoy the festivities on the Sunday and, to my delight, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful autumn day.

We arrived at the Forest & Park for the 21st Century (the biggest park in town) to find it bustling with activity. There were food trucks lining the lawn nearby the main entrance, and market stalls extending beneath the bridge towards the Visitors Centre. The Matsudo Ramen Summit was attracting the most visitors over by the lake, with 4 or 5 of Japan’s most well-known ramen restaurants (incl. local favourite, Tomita) energetically serving their specialty all weekend long.

It was Ha’s first visit to the park, so we did a full loop to get a feel for the space. I am glad that we did because there was an eclectic collection of outdoor art on display at the far end, including an enormous inflatable human. Yes, a human! We mostly just stared at it, but also ventured over to touch the sides a little. And after 15 minutes or so of confused admiration (?), it began to feel almost as though it had always been there.

Upon tearing ourselves away from the ‘Air Man’, Ha and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the Acoustic Village on the main lawn. We watched a group yoga session while we ate our food-truck lunches, before sitting back on the grass to listen to some acoustic music. It was just lovely.

I am glad to have squeezed in one last park event before autumn came to an end and the days shortened. Two big thumbs up!

Beautiful autumn day

10.14 Matsudo International Cultural Festival (MIEA)

For the third year running, I happily manned the Sister City booth at the recent Matsudo International Cultural Festival. It was a true celebration of Australian culture - we had photos and maps, flags, plush toys, a school uniform, books and even a cricket bat on display. And in my attempt to ‘take it to the next level’, we also had a eucalyptus oil diffuser filling the space with the aroma of the Aussie bush! I was pretty proud of our set up.

Australian Sister City 'Whitehorse' display

Not to be outdone, my fellow CIR Ha (from Vietnam) also had a colorful collection of her country’s imagery and goods on show. She was even wearing the traditional ‘Ao dai’ - a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over trousers.

As I have come to expect from the Festival, there were plenty of interesting displays and lots of yummy international foods on offer. With Ha’s prior approval, I hopped into the Vietnamese Pho and dessert Che Khoai Mon - delicious!

Vietnamese Pho

The highlight of my day was the interactive stage performance by ‘African Express’ - a group of African and Japanese artists who tour Japan, playing upbeat African music and teaching Japanese people about the African continent. Their energy was infectious, and the audience was literally dancing in the aisles by the end of their show.

A big ‘otsukare-sama!’ to the Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) for their efforts in organizing this annual event, and to all the volunteers who shared a little of their culture on the day.

African Express special performance

10.06 'Halfway to Hanshichi' (Festival//Tokyo in the City Performance Series)

A murder in Matsudo?? Indeed.

(Don’t worry…not a real one)

The 'Festival//Tokyo in the City Performance Series' recently came to town, collaborating with local artist in residence program PARADISE AIR to bring an enthralling murder mystery to Matsudo.

“Halfway to Hanshichi” (Shigeki Nakano + Frankens) is a detective story that takes audiences on a mysterious search for clues and clarity. And I mean that literally. Starting at FANCLUB art space, the play unfolded in six locations across downtown Matsudo, prompting the audience to move to a new venue after each individual scene. And to make matters even more intriguing, the story unfolded in reverse - the first scene was the last, while the play’s final moments were actually where the story all began.

While the first-comes-last format was rather difficult to follow at times, it did give the story a reflective angle that only comes with ‘looking back’. And despite spoilers being the premise of the play, this did not dampen the surprise, shock or sadness prompted by the story.

Initially I wondered whether moving from place to place would be a distraction. However, I actually really enjoyed the extra moments to process what I was watching, and to share these thoughts with other audience members. It also really added to the sensation of going back in time.

“Halfway to Hanshichi’ was a really creative way to interact with local spaces - definitely one of the coolest and most ‘Matsudo’ experiences I have had since becoming a citizen of this lovely city.

Photo: Paradise Air



長袖の服やカーディガン、毛布を少し前にしまったばかりのように感じますが、取り出す時期がもう着きました― 今年は時間が経つのがすごく早い!


今季もいつも通り、私の市内発見をこのブログで記録させていただきます。更新をInternational Portalのフェイスブックで発表しますので、是非フォローといいね!をしてください。




11.05 モリヒロフェスタ @ 21世紀の森と広場

11月の初め、連休の週末にモリヒロフェスタが開かれました。ずっと前から、もう一人の国際交流員 ハーさんと日曜日に一緒に行く約束をしていて、うれしいことに、当日は素晴らしい秋晴れの日でした。








10.14 松戸市国際文化祭(MIEA)




また例年どおり今年の国際文化祭でも、盛り沢山の展示と体験に加え、美味しいグルメの販売もありました。‘ハーさんチェック’をもらった後、ベトナムのフォーと甘いデザート タロイモのチェーを食べてみました。大満足!



毎年大変な準備をして国際文化祭を開催する公益財団法人 松戸国際交流協会(MIEA)の皆様、また当日に各々の文化をシェアしてくださった各国ボランティアの皆様、素晴らしいイベントをお疲れ様でした!


10.06 「半七半八(はんしちきどり)」 Festival//Tokyo まちなかパフォーマンスシリーズ

松戸で殺人事件?? そうなんです。


Festival//Tokyoの『まちなかパフォーマンスシリーズ』が、市内のアーティスト・イン・レジデンス・プログラムPARADISE AIRとコラボして、松戸に本格的な殺人事件推理劇を連れてきました。

「半七半八(はんしちきどり)」(中野成樹+フランケンズ)は、観衆を手掛かりと謎解きに導く不思議な捜索にいざなう、探偵の話です。劇はパフォーマンス・スペース「FANCLUB」から始まり、非日常的なスタイルで、松戸の中心街にある6つの場所で展開しました。それぞれのシーンが終わるたび、観衆は新しい場所に移動します。しかも、更に印象に残る特徴は、話が逆の順番で展開したということです― 最初に見たシーンは話の最後、劇の終わりは実は話の頭というような不思議な流れ。珍しいでしょう。

時々ついていけない時もありましたが、最後が最初という前提は過去を考える行為にしかない‘振り返りの感覚’も与えてくれました。ネタバレが劇の基礎であることにも関わらず、話に引き起こされた感情―驚き、衝撃、悲しさ― を全く弱めることはなかったです。





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