2021 - 50th Sister City Anniversary 姉妹都市50周年記念


Whitehorse-Matsudo 50th Sister City Anniversary / 2021年、ホワイトホース市と松戸市は姉妹都市50周年!

On May 12th, 1971, the cities of Matsudo, Japan and Whitehorse, Australia formally became sister cities. Since then, over half a century has passed, and with it the friendship between all of our people has continued to grow stronger and deeper.

Now, in 2021, we celebrate the 50-year anniversary of our sister city relationship. Through a variety of efforts and events, let us celebrate these 50 years of friendship, and assure it for many more to come!


50th Anniversary events / 50周年をお祝いする記念行事&イベント情報

Every 5 years, to celebrate our sister city relationship’s anniversary, our cities take turns sending a delegation, headed by the mayor, to each other’s cities for celebrations.
In 2021, the Whitehorse delegation had planned to come to Matsudo and join us for a number of friendship-reaffirming, important celebrations, but in the interest of public health during the coronavirus pandemic, regretfully both of our cities were forced to cancel our in-person programming. 
But while Whitehorse and Matsudo are separated by sea, they are brought together by an even greater force of nature: the power of friendship. Through various online cultural activities and exchanges, together we will make sure that our treasured sister cities’ 50th friendship anniversary is celebrated with pomp aplenty.




Amazing 50th Anniversary commemorative book "Fifty Years of Friendship" has been donated from Whitehorse City/ホワイトホース市から姉妹都市交流50周年記念誌「友好の絆50年のあゆみ」が寄贈されました

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the sister city exchange, Whitehorse City presented Matsudo City with the copies of a commemorative book, "Fifty Years of Friendship," which chronicles the history of the exchange in Japanese and English.
The donated commemorative books were distributed to schools and libraries in the city.
You can look inside of the book, "Fifty Years of Friendship - Celebrating the Whitehorse-Matsudo Sister City Relationship 1971 to 2021" (Whitehorse City HP)


外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。姉妹都市交流50周年記念誌「友好の絆50年のあゆみ」はホワイトホース市ホームページからご覧になれます(外部リンク)

Commemorative stationery was distributed to students of municipal elementary and junior high schools/市立小・中学校児童・生徒の皆さんに記念の下敷きを配布しました

We distributed Shitajiki (plastic writing board) made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of sister city exchange to students of municipal elementary and junior high schools.
For those who live in the city but attend elementary or junior high schools outside the city, or for those who attend private elementary or junior high school within the city, the Culture, Tourism, and International Division will distribute them.



The Matsudo City Tourism Art Exhibition was held again this year, where elementary and junior high school students in Matsudo City can learn about the good features of the city and get to love Matsudo even more by creating paintings of local landmarks, historic sites, and scenery. Out of many fascinating paintings, the "50th Anniversary of Sister City Exchange Award" was given to the work of the student who drew pictures related to Australia.

Title:"Koala manhole lid can be seen only in Matsudo. I found the tall eucalyptus trees, too!"Artist:Yugo Yanai, a 2nd grader of Kawarazuka elementary school
Exhibit at:Sister City Corner, 4F Matsudo City, Hall of Culture (Bunka Hall)

小中学生が本市の名所、旧跡、風景等を絵画にすることによって、それらの 観光資源を再認識し、愛郷心の高揚を図るために毎年実施されている松戸市小中学生観光絵画展の作品の中から、オーストラリアに関連した素材を描いた作品に対し、「姉妹都市交流50年記念賞」を授与しました。

作者:河原塚小学校 2年 矢内 雄悟 くん
展示:松戸市文化ホール4階 姉妹都市コーナー

We are looking for stores to participate in the Australia Fair commemorating the 50th sister city anniversary/姉妹都市交流50周年記念 オーストラリアフェア 協力店舗を募集しています。


In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship, we are looking for stores that would like to hold an Australia Fair.

By supermarkets and restaurants in the city cooperating with the event by displaying posters and other materials to celebrate the 50th sister city anniversary, more and more people will know about this sister city relationship and celebrate this special milestone throughout the city.

Click here for details (Japanese)



International Exchange Projects【Two projects total】 国際交流事業【全2回】

【First Project】Australian Animals and Paper-mache Crafts English Workshop

※No longer available/終了しました
Date: July 5th & 6th, 2021
Contents:Listened to a seminar by a zoo director and crafted paper-mache animal masks (e.g. made by pasting paper to inflated balloons); everything was done in mostly English
Lecturers:Ms. Rieko Tanaka, Saitama Children’s Zoo Director
Mr. Javier Gutierrez, Coordinator for International Relations for Matsudo City

【Second Project】 Learn about SDGs! Organic Beeswax Eco Wraps

※No longer available/終了しました
Date: July 31st, 2021
Contents:We learned about the sister city exchanges that started with the planting of eucalyptus trees and have been cherishing the greenery ever since, as well as the efforts being made in Australia to conserve the natural environment. Then the children made beeswax eco-wraps that can be used many times at home.
Lecturers: KoKeBee(AIY Australia PTY.LTD.),
Matsudo City-Culture, Tourism, Int'l Div. staff
Venue: Hall of Culture, Int'l Friendship Room


講師:埼玉県子ども動物自然公園園長 田中 利恵子 氏、松戸市国際交流員 ギテレス・ハビア


日時:2021年7月31日(土曜)A 10時から12時、B 14時から16時
講師:KoKeBee(AIY Australia PTY.LTD.)・文化観光国際課職員

「Koala and Eucalyptus」Manhole Contest Now Underway!/「コアラとユーカリ」マンホールデザインコンテスト

The koala and eucalyptus-designed manholes that dot Matsudo City were part of an initial set first created in 1985.
Now, in celebration of our sister city relationship’s 50 th anniversary milestone reached on May 12, 2021, we plan to update the city’s manholes with a design contest!
History of designs on Matsudo's manholes (Japanese)





“50 Years of Friendship, and Many More to Come” Online Mayor Meeting / 50周年記念・市長オンライン会談「50年の友好を未来へ」を開催しました!

On May 12, 2021, exactly 50 years after the day Matsudo City and Whitehorse City officially became sister cities, Matsudo Mayor Kenji Hongoya and Whitehorse Mayor Andrew Munroe came together in an online video meeting to celebrate their cities’ 50th anniversary of sisterhood.
Deputy Consul-general of the Japanese Embassy in Australia, Mr. Shunsuke Saito, and the Chairman of the Matsudo International Exchange Association, Mr. Makoto Ito, also participated in the meeting. Based upon the theme of “50 Years of Friendship, and Many More to Come,” the meeting included opportunities to reflect upon our cities’ storied friendship, current states of affairs, and citizens’ messages of well wishes and support.
The conversation was pleasant, and both mayors exchanged words of gratitude for the relationship they have shared until now, and resolute vows to continue strengthening the relationship through even more opportunities for intercultural exchange.
And of course, both mayors expressed their hope that they can one day visit each other’s cities again, and see each other’s smiling faces in-person.
Right now we are busy making a video to showcase how the online meeting went, but once we are finished we will publish it on the HP, so look forward to it!







Classic tree planting ceremony at Matsudo Municipal Dai-go Junior High School, the very location where our cultural exchange started / 交流の始まりの場所「松戸市立第五中学校」で植樹式を開催しました

Under a sunny blue sky, on April 26, 2021 we held our classic tree planting ceremony to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of our sister city relationship at Matsudo Municipal Dai-go Junior High School, the very location where our cultural exchange started all those years ago.
In 1958, a schoolgirl from this middle school sent a letter to the Australian embassy asking for some eucalyptus seeds, and we can thank this tiny gesture for starting what has come to be a great bond of friendship and exchange.
By now, Dai-go Junior High School is home to three eucalyptus trees we have planted.
For this year’s tree planting ceremony, Dai-go Junior High School students worked with the Mayor of Matsudo, Mr. Kenji Hongoya, and the President of the Matsudo City Congress, Ms. Mineko Kimura, to plant a gray bottlebrush tree, a species native to Australia and similar to a eucalyptus.
We also had a kind-eyed plush koala watch over the 50 th anniversary tree planting ceremony. It was a special present we received from the Australian ambassador back in 1960, together with a eucalyptus sapling he so graciously gifted.






Come and see "Tsurushi-bina"/ ホワイトホース市に贈る前に!市内をめぐる「つるし雛」に会いに来てください

※No longer available/終了しました

In 2016 when the Matsudo delegation visited Whitehorse for our 45th anniversary, they received a wonderful, handmade patchwork quilt from the Whitehorse people. Touched by the warm gesture, some Matsudo citizens banded together to prepare a gift in return, and thus created the “Friendship Club.” Over the course of two years, the Friendship Club meticulously crafted a “Tsurushi-bina,” a traditional Japanese art form.

Now, in May 2021 for our 50th anniversary, we will gift this Tsurushi-bina, imbued with the hearts of our citizens, to Whitehorse as a token of our friendship. However, before we pass on the Tsurushi-bina, we would like for everyone in Matsudo to have the chance to see it, so until April 2021 it will be passed through every city branch office for brief appearances. Please stop by to take a look at our lovely, sister city friendship-laden Tsurushi-bina!


A hanging curtain to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of our sister city relationship will welcome you! / 50周年の友好を記念した懸垂幕が、松戸市役所に来る皆さんをお出迎えしています!

※Not available for now/一旦終了
There is a hanging curtain to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our sister city relationship on the right side of the main entrance of Matsudo city hall. It is designed by the same color as the other publications and makes our cerebration even more exciting.
Please take a look when you come to Matsudo city hall.


Flowers Flamboyantly Foster Festive Flair / お花で描いた50周年のお祝いが、松戸市役所の花壇に登場

No longer available/終了しました
A citizen volunteer group known as the “Matsudo Flowerbed Makers Network” carefully grew and arranged flowers to create a work of art celebrating our sister cities’ 50th friendship anniversary. The name “Whitehorse” is spelled out in flowers on one side, and on the other side you can see a horse, “50,” and heart representing the Whitehorse mascot, 50th anniversary, and love, respectively. The next time you come to the Matsudo City Hall, please have a look!



50 Years is Just the Beginning! / 50年の友好を未来へ!記念ポスターができました

To celebrate our many years of sisterhood, we have created a celebratory poster dazzlingly dotted with both the Australian national flower, the golden wattle, and one of the Matsudo’s beloved flowers, the cherry blossom. You can find the poster decorating locales and buildings all around the city.


A special edition of "Koho Matsudo" / 50周年記念の年の幕開け!広報まつどに特集を掲載

The Jan. 1, 2021 print of the “Koho Matsudo”newspaper will be a special edition print commemorating our sister city relationship’s 50th anniversary. There will also be interviews from all sorts of Matsudo citizens and high school students who have been involved with cultural exchange with Whitehorse, so please have a read!


Message from Whitehorse ホワイトホース市からのメッセージ

Interview with Mr. Paul Dailey, a teacher of Japanese at Koonung Secondary College / ホワイトホース市クーナン校のポール先生にお話を聞きました!

May I ask your name?
Paul Dailey
What is your occupation?
Teacher of Japanese at Koonung Secondary College
How did you study Japanese? Why did you become a Japanese teacher?
When I was at high school we were asked if we wanted to put our names down for a Japanese penpal. Through these penpal contacts, I became interested in Japan and as an 18 year old, I visited one of my penpal friends in 1975 in Tokyo. This further increased my interest and I started to learn Japanese in the evenings. I then asked my employer at the time if there was a chance to go to Japan and learn Japanese as part of their business. They put me in touch with a company who was able to sponsor me. I studied Japanese at the Japanese language school in Tokyo for 3 years before returning to Australia. I then worked with the Automobile Company as a Technical Japanese Translator for 11 years. I returned to study at Monash University to become a Japanese Language High School teacher. While working as a Translator was rewarding, I wanted to share my love of Japan, its people and culture with others and being a teacher was a way in which to do that.
How many students are there?How many classed are there each grade?
At Koonung there are approximately 1100 students. Classes for each grade are Year 7: 9 classes, Year 8: 9 classes, Year 9: 9 classes, Year 10: 8 classes, Year 11: 8 classes and Year 12: 8 classes.
What is the specialty of this school?
Koonung aims for the students to develop a strong sense of citizenship, self-awareness, and to do their best to achieve their academic potential. This includes digital literacy, social skills, creativity, innovation, problem solving skills and leadership.
I have heard it has the Japanese course. How many students study in this class?
The Japanese course is compulsory for students in years 7 to 9. It then becomes an elective subject for students wishing to persue Japanese in the senior years. Approximately 275 students currently study Japanese.
Why do you think students choose Japanese class?
Students choose Japanese for a number of reasons. Many enjoy reading Manga and watching Anime, and want to read and understand them in Japanese rather than the translation. Some students also wish to persue a career in Japan or have an interest in the Japanese culture. Other students have a parent or both parents who are from Japan and want their children to understand and develop the parent's native language.
Do you have other language options?
Currently at Koonung we also have French and Chinese languages.
Is the education system different between states?
There are some differences between the education systems in the different States. However, the Federal Government has a National Curriculum that the States and Territories follow to ensure a consistent high standard across all schools.
What is the Australia’s specialty about education?
The Australian education system is free and open to all residents. It endevours to provide a solid grounding of knowledge and skills for students to become successful world citizens. It welcomes students for overseas and develops strong connections with those countries.
How many subjects do you have? (9 in Japan)
How many subjects are taken is dependant on which year level a student is in. In the Middle school (Years 7 to 9), the students have between 11 to 13 subjects. In the Senior school (Years 10 to 12), the number drops to between 8 and 6 subjects depending on subject selections and specialisation by the individual student.
Do you have an entrance examination?
Koonung does not have an entrance examination so any student from within the school's district may enter. However, Koonung does have a special entry examination for students wishing to be part of Koonung's "High Achieving" program.
What is your best memory of the exchanges?
There are so many excellent memories of Matsudo students visiting Koonung and of Koonung students visiting Matsudo over my past 27 years at the school. Some of the things that stand out are the strong friendships that develop during the homestays. Many students have continued their friendships into adulthood visiting each other and regularly corresponding. They share such things as their birthdays, weddings and birth of their children. Some students have also made a career in Japanese companies and now live in Japan due to their involvement with the exchange program. The long term friendships between both school's teachers and with the City of Matsudo staff is also a warm memory. The friendships often go beyond the initial exchanges and become life long. The best memory of the exchanges is that no matter where you were born or what language you speak, we are all the same human beings with the same hopes and wishes for a peaceful and successful future.
What is your most important things as a school teacher?
The most important things as a teacher is to instil in a student a love of learning and a knowledge and appreciation of other peoples and cultures.

クーナン・セカンダリー・カレッジは入試はありません。学区内からであれば誰でも通うことができます。但し、High Achievingコースを希望する場合は入試があります。

Message from Jenny Russell from Whitehorse City / ホワイトホース市の国際担当ジェニーさんからお手紙が届きました!

My name is Jenny Russell from City of Whitehorse - my role includes the support, assistance and promotion of the Whitehorse Matsudo Sister City Relationship, I have had the pleasure of working closely with staff of Matsudo City and Matsudo International Exchange Association over many years.
As we look forward to the very special anniversary of the Sister City relationship in May 2021, I’d like to share with you a very memorable experience of the Sister City Relationship. I visited Matsudo City with City of Whitehorse delegation of officials and community members in May 2012 for the 40th anniversary of the Sister City Relationship. Our delegation was welcomed so warmly and genuinely by Matsudo officials, staff and citizens. I remember fondly when we arrived at Matsudo City Hall there were many very young children lined up to greet us, they were waving and smiling and so happy to see us. During our visit to Matsudo we saw some beautiful places in Matsudo and were made to feel very welcome. I met several staff members of Matsudo and MIEA who I had been communicating with over the years and it was so lovely to meet in person and get to know my Matsudo counterparts. Even though our visit was a short one, the friendships and memories made will last a lifetime.

2012年の5 月、私はホワイトホース市の職員と市民の代表団と一緒に、姉妹都市提携40周年を記念して松戸市を訪問しました。私たち一行は、松戸市長、議長、職員、市民の方々に心から温かく迎えられました。私たちが松戸市役所に到着した時には、たくさんの子どもたちが列をなして、笑顔で手を振ったりして私たちを喜んで迎えてくれたことを、ほほえましく覚えています。滞在中は、松戸市の美しい場所をいくつも見てまわり、とても歓迎されていると感じました。何年にもわたって連絡を取り合っていた松戸市役所と松戸市国際交流協会のスタッフにも会うことができました。このときの訪問は短いものでしたが、友情と思い出は一生のものとなりました。

Message from past CIR Erin Scott / 元国際交流員 スコット・エリンさんからお祝いのメッセージが届きました!

It was a lovely twist of fate that I found myself working as Matsudo’s inaugural Coordinator for International Relations. Having grown up not far from the sister city of Whitehorse, I felt at home in Matsudo right away. Whether it was accompanying the Matsudo delegation during the 45th anniversary tour to Whitehorse, celebrating Green Tree Day via video link, or even welcoming several Matsudo colleagues into my home here in Australia, the sister city relationship has been a source of many enriching experiences. It has also contributed to shaping my career in public service. Nowadays I can be found working for the Victorian Government in Melbourne.

Congratulations on 50 years of friendship and collaboration!



Sister City Column, Updated every month! 毎月更新!姉妹都市通信

We will be delivering information on culture and history about our sister city monthly, keep an eye on it if you want to know more about the City of Whitehorse. The Japanese version will also be published on Matsudo newspaper "KOHO MATUSUDO" on 15th. Hope you will enjoy it!

Looking for Events Connected to the Matsudo-Whitehorse Sister City Relationship 50th Anniversary! / 姉妹都市交流50周年記念の年に冠を使用して一緒にお祝いしませんか

In order to celebrate our sister city relationship’s 50th anniversary together with everyone, we would like to know if any of you are holding any related events! If so, we would like to sponsor them with official logos and banners that you can use.

Your event may be eligible if it satisfies these two points / 対象事業

  • It is held within the city (except in special circumstances) by an organization, facility, or business between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

  • It promotes international relations, intercultural coexistence, or language study, and is also suitable for celebrating our sister city relationship’s 50th anniversary.

※For more details, please read the Sister City Relationship’s 50th Anniversary Event Sponsorship Management Outline(PDF:122KB).

  • 令和3年4月1日から令和4年3月31日までの期間に、原則として市内を中心に活動する団体や事業所・企業等が実施する事業
  • 国際交流、多文化共生、語学習得に係る事業等


Available Assets 支援内容

Brand Names: 「祝 松戸市・ホワイトホース市 姉妹都市交流50周年」 or 「松戸市・ホワイトホース市 姉妹都市交流50周年記念」 (must be in Japanese)、Logos

How to Apply 申し込み方法

Please fill out all the required fields of the “Sister City 50th Anniversary Event Sponsorship Consent Application(PDF:204KB)” and either bring the completed form to the Culture, Tourism, and International Division or send it to them using one of the contact methods below.
Address:〒271-8588, Matsudo-shi, Nemoto 387-5
Email: mckankou@city.matsudo.chiba.jp


郵送:〒271-8588 松戸市根本387の5

Sister City Column 姉妹都市通信

Whitehorse City 姉妹都市ホワイトホース市をご紹介!

We will introduce our dear sister city, the City of Whitehorse, located in the State of Victoria, Australia.


Sister City Corner / 姉妹都市コーナー

In April 2020, the “Sister City Corner,” located on the 4th floor of the Matsudo Culture Hall, was renovated and re-opened. The area is filled with information about our relationship’s history, physical models of Australia, and exhibits showing off the various anniversary gifts we have received from Whitehorse over the years. Please stop by and have a look!


Exchange between two cities' students 子どもたちや高校生の姉妹都市交流

Every year on our anniversary date, May 12, we hold a Green Tree Day with Whitehorse at one of the elementary schools within our city! Both of our cities plan an anniversary tree at the same time, and through an online video call we talk with our Whitehorse friends and even open the floor to the elementary school students to speak with Mayor of Whitehorse and get a taste of international and cross-cultural communication. (Picture Caption: GTD online video call at Tokiwadaira Daisan Elementary School, 2019)


English Speech Contest / 高校生英語スピーチコンテスト

The “English Speech Contest,” a competition that began for the 10th anniversary of our sister city relationship. High school students in Matsudo prepare their own speeches in English, and then present them to an audience. The winner of the contest has the opportunity to visit Whitehorse as a Matsudo representative on the Sister City Delegation Program!


Sister City Delegation / 青少年姉妹都市派遣

Every year, middle school and high school students from Matsudo visit Whitehorse, where they experience student life at a local school and home life through a homestay. Through these experiences, friendship, on both an individual and sister city level, blossoms and burgeons.


In the pursuit of eventual international peace, the Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) carries out international exchange activities designed to promote mutual understanding and camaraderie between Matsudo residents, regardless of nationality, that also leverage the history, culture, and unique characteristics of Matsudo City. MIEA has also been helping the city with events and projects for the 50th sister city relationship anniversary.


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経済振興部 文化観光国際課

千葉県松戸市小根本7番地の8 京葉ガスF松戸第2ビル5階
電話番号:047-366-7327 FAX:047-711-6387









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